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 Rules of the forum

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PostSubject: Rules of the forum   Wed Jul 18, 2007 8:54 pm

You Are not Allow To :
(a)incite anger or try to insult other users.

(b)post identical topics multiple times or in other words, cross posting.

(c)impersonate others with the intention of hurting/harming/spoiling/creating false impressions of that person's image, or fooling people for malicious reasons.

(d)insulting other races, or otherwise portraying other races in a negative manner.

(e)post links to any site with sexually explicit content.

You are advised NOT to...
(ii)commit thread necromancy wherever its not needed.

No Swear, Rude, Offence, Flood, Sexual Words, exspecialy in complaint section.
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Rules of the forum
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